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Five days in April

We visited Tasek Bera in April 2001. We were there five days and had a most unique experience! The semelai people are great hosts - very keen on sharing their interesting culture with visitors. Our ride through the wetlands in a traditional semelai canoe was fantastic!!! We had close encounters with various rare animals and our semelai guide told us all about the jungle and the legends of the lake. All we can say is: Don't miss the chance to get of the beaten trek and visit the semelai community at Tasek Bera.

Signe and Steen, Denmark


I made my way to tasek bera, and I had a great time.
Although my visit was a bit unexpexted, the semelai really did there best
to gave me a good time. I lived in (homestay)with one of the family's at pos
iskander and they took me on a trip with the perahu and we also went to the
tasek bera visitor centre. They were very friendley and nice to me. It was
a great expercience, although it was a bit of a pitty that the waterlevel
was verry low. Both the homestay experience and seeing tasek bera itself
was real nice and a good uppertunity to see something about the live in a
semelai kampong. The only thing that is a bit of a hassele is that there is
no public transport to pos iskander and taxi is quit expensive but iguess
that wen people come in a group, wich I did not, they can share the
expences.For the rest of it, was it good value for not much money.
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